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ESP8266-based CGM-monitor for Nightscout, Part 2

So a couple of days have passed since the first part of the project was revealed. Today I finally got some time to spare on the project.

At first I have setup a private git respository, in Bitbucket, to be able to use versioning of the source code. That’s a recommended practice when developing software gives a few advantages like tracking changes, handle releases and the ability to revert changes if necessary.

So how have the work progressed you might wonder. Well, in the initial version, the data for the graphs were hard-coded without any additional data. The data is still hard-coded but I’ve added additional information like the current trend for the glucose level and the date and time for the readings.

The status bar have been updated to display the time for the latest reading. For now the reading is in Zulu time, which is the time zone Nightscouts API returns the date and time stamp in.

I also have added som static test data from the Nightscouts API and started to write the parser if the JSON-output. So my next session will hopefully result in a functional JSON-parser for the Nightscout API and also that the parsed data is presented on the display.

 2017-10-19  1 minutes