Fredrik Westermarck

I ❤ code, tech & BBQ


Currently employed as Chief Technical Officer at Smartson. The leader in sharevertising which is a form of product and brand advertising on the consumers terms.

I have a profound interest in technology, the application of technology and the use of the technology - especially in the web and mobile contexts.

I have been programming in Java since 1998 and has a special interest in system architechture. But I have been programming since the late -80s beginning with Basic. Other languages that I have used since I first started programming are assembler (Motorola 68000 chipsets), C, Pascal, C++ and even some microcode.


Current and past positions

  • 1998-01 - 1999-09

    System Administrator


  • 1999-09 - 2006-12

    System Developer


  • 2006-12 - 2007-11

    System Developer


  • 2007-12 - 2012-10

    Chief Technichal Officer

    Responsible for development and operation to enable publication in all digital publishing channels such as web, mobile and tablets. Participates in business development and strategic projects designed to further develop the business and to securely join that adequate technical support is available to the company.

    Personnel and budget responsibilities for staff developers and consultants.

  • 2012-10 -

    Chief Technichal Officer

    Responsible for maintaining the current systems that supports Smartsons business.

    I am responsible for the development of a new system for Smartson that will be focusing on streamlining the workflow and business processes both internally, to our customers and our users.

    The system will focus on automation, omni-channel distribution, measurability and enable analysis of large amounts of information.

  • ?


Social informatics

1994 ‐ 1998 Mälardalen University



2003 ‐ Apache Software Foundation

Vice Chairman

2016 ‐ Sevalla Local History Society